Membership Details

The Society meets throughout the year; usually once a month during the autumn, winter and spring. The meetings are a mixture of demonstrations or lectures, on a Saturday afternoon, and painting meetings on a Sunday. During the summer months we take advantage of the warmer weather and get out and about. Field trips are taken by coach and by car for painting or sketching out of doors, or for visits to exhibitions and galleries. Partners and friends are also welcome to come on our excursions and coach trips or join our Christmas celebrations.

Currently the Saturday demonstrations and lectures are given at the Mere Green Community Centre, and are open to members of the public paying a temporary membership fee. The Sunday painting meetings are also held at the Mere Green Community Centre.

At the Sunday painting meetings still life arrangements are set up (organised by the members) and usually a clothed model is available for portrait work. Occasionally special tutored workshops are arranged at a small charge. You may paint or sketch in whatever medium you choose, the set themes are not obligatory and members are free to work on their own projects. You can choose the length of time to be there, come for just the morning or afternoon or if you wish to attend for the whole day (bring something for lunch). Tea and coffee are usually available during the morning and afternoon breaks.

There is no minimum standard and interested aspiring artists of any ability are welcome at our Sunday painting meetings. Come and have a look at what goes on or bring your painting equipment and see if the Society appeals to you.

All members are entitled to submit original works of art (paintings, sculptures, ceramic, fabrics, collages, etc.) for selection to the exhibitions we hold twice a year, in spring and autumn. There is no obligation to submit for exhibitions; if you wish you can enjoy just the painting meetings and outings. But, a period as a steward is a condition of submitting your work for exhibitions as they are stewarded by the members.

At present, the membership subscription is £25.00 per calendar year and it is renewable from the Annual General Meeting during the autumn.

We think you will find we are a welcoming group of people who enjoy meeting others of like-mind to discuss work, exchange ideas and tips on materials and methods. The Society provides a means to gain knowledge and experience and, hopefully, make new friends.

We hope the above is of interest to you. If you should have anything else you would like to know please do not hesitate to contact us or see our website at

We hope to see you at some time in the near future.

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