Spring Exhibition 2020

Welcome to our ‘Virtual Spring Exhibition’. Under normal circumstances our Spring Exhibition would be held at Sutton Coldfield Town Hall but due to the coronavirus pandemic restrictions, we have been unable to hold it in the normal way.

So to avoid disappointment to our members and the public, we have created this page on our website to host the exhibition and for you to enjoy.

Please take a virtual tour of the artwork submitted by our members and appreciate the paintings and sculptures on display. Each item is titled in the normal way with the medium used, the artist’s name and the sale price. If you should wish to purchase any of the artwork marked for sale, please follow the contact guidance given.

As with our usual exhibition, we encourage visitors to vote for their favourite exhibit, to do this now online you can scroll down right to the bottom and vote in the ‘Comment Box’, then click ‘Post Comment’. 

We hope you enjoy our ‘Virtual’ exhibition and that you will encourage your friends and family to visit our website and take a tour.

If you are interested in purchasing artwork from this exhibition, please email our Exhibition secretary, Jean Willis jean.willis684@gmail.com, and provide your name, email address and contact telephone number. Please also indicate which piece of artwork you are interested in. The Exhibition Secretary will then contact you as soon as possible.

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